BENIBECA was born to offer swimwear for men who above all value quality and exclusivity. A cosmopolitan man who enjoys life, who travels, who lives immersed in his reality, with sensitivity for fashion and trends, and who looks for clothes that adapt to his concept of life and accompany him in his adventures.
BENIBECA is an attitude towards life.

Blue de Gênes

Blue de Gênes is a denim brand with an authentic look, a strong identity and a design that will last for several years. We are always looking for the right balance between fashion and heritage. To do our designs justice, we source quality materials from around the world, add a sense of craftsmanship and use traditional techniques of making clothes. We do so to honour the story behind blue jeans.


The brand’s philosophy “Life is too short to take a nap” embodies the urgency in continuous innovation, attention to detail and dynamic response to an ever changing market place.
Catarina Martins signature is Vintage but fresh, Contemporary but Edgy. We have nurtured a signature of hand dyed and washed leathers giving Catarina Martins a recognizable id.


Crossley is experience and experimentation, a quality with no compromises. Thoughtful originality. The result is an exclusive collection achieved with precious and natural yarns such as pure cotton and cashmere. Lines are always smooth, often irregular and ideal for lapping up. The style has no repetitions and easily adapts to everyone’s life style. Especially yours…


GABBA is a denim brand with more than thirty years’ experience in making jeans. We study and work with the material to create the coolest expression. We strive to get the utmost out of our work with fabrics, trims, washes and details. We are driven and determined. We are dedicated to denim.
We travel the world to find inspiration for our collections. We are on a hunt for denim.


Techwear brand KRAKATAU was established in 1999 in St. Petersburg. Based out of their own factory, perfecting their skills and experimenting with new technologies have formed the significant components of the brand – the architectural approach in their cuts, attention to details, daily perfectionism, subdued futuristic aesthetics, experience of the severe nordic climate and effortlessly matching any wardrobe.

Le Ruemarcel

Young brand but with so much interest in its collections, for its products entirely handmade, the result of experience of expert hands, with a rigorous choice of quality materials, using the best techniques including the “Black” processing to give all products that added value. A good part of the collections are treated with washes in special machines.


“Never Enough” is a young and dynamic Italian brand born in 2012 by the idea of the young owner Salvatore Nigordi.
After several years of working in multiple realities textiles decided to invest on their own passions, its make and create fashion thinking to clothing not only as a garment but as a way of life. The result is a refined and sophisticated brand, focused on the study and research of materials, mix of fabrics and washes that become strengths of various collections.


OAKWOOD line is crafted to create an urban trendy outwear dressing. From its famous leather to fresh wool mix or knits materials, it is all about wearing the right shape to suit any modern active man & woman style!
From easy basics to ultra trendy jackets, prices are wallet friendly and always made with the best quality for a good value:biker jackets, bombers, skirts or dresses, leggings, coats, fake furs, accessories…


We’re guided by the idea that summer isn’t just a season but a state of mind. It’s a place we go where there’s nothing much to do, a place to relieve the pressure, to rest and restore. We design and make our collections as the perfect companion when you find that place – effortless pieces that you can wear to the beach and out to dinner that same evening.

Sophie Deloudi

Sophie Deloudi studied Fashion Design at the Istituto Marangoni (Milano).Though her first passion was heading towards the field of fashion, she worked and evolved her skills for more than 20 years in the field of design.On 2014 Sophie Deloudi embraced her talent and created her first swimwear collection, referring to women directly, with the honesty that characterizes her designs as well as her personality.


Amanda, an ex-fashion buyer met Kirstine, a former Danish fashion model with a sales background, in London several years ago. With a mutual love of travel and fashion the friends run Star Mela from their light filled west London studio. With a continued mission to create fresh, refined and elegant summer clothes and accessories at affordable price points, Star Mela is now an established summertime brand with a growing social media following.


TAILOR MADE is a greek knitwear brand, making garments Marked by the flow of time. Every detail from the aged buttons to the Antique textiles and sewing threads is the result of years of fine research . Tailor Made uses slow sewing techniques , buttonholes and many of their Garments were completely made by hand according to the oldest Knitwear traditions.


Our mission has evolved beyond simply creating leather jackets, and into something much more: to make high-fashion and progressive designs available to a wider audience. Year after year, we continue or re-interpret the classics – jackets, outerwear, shirts, jeans, skirts – by giving them a modern spin. But it’s about more than just the clothes themselves. The full collections we now create are expressions of our prevailing value: freedom.Ultimately, tigha is a lifestyle.

Twist & Tango

The Journey of Twist & Tango started in 1995, in Gothenburg, Sweden, built on the vision to create a brand for women with an effortless and timeless approach to modern fashion. Today Twist & Tango is recognized as a personal fashion brand designing high quality collections combining everyday fashion with ease and style. Significant for the brand is the Scandinavian minimalism and simple designs mixed with spirited prints.


ULYSSES is the second line of footwear developed in the atelier of DIMISSIANOS & MILLER in Corfu/ Greece in 2016. After taking over the family business in 2010, within a couple of years, DIMISSIANOS & MILLER have established themselves internationally as an artisanal footwear brand gaining the trust of such high-¬-end customers


The undoubted strength of Uniform models is the different kinds of washes with which denim fabrics are treated each time. A real‘wash experience’ that makes each model so unique and unrepeatable, ideal for those not content with simply wearing a nice pair of jeans and who also aim at setting a real trend. An elegant and sporty man, a lover of‘refined details, never predictable and banal.